Current GD Topics


  1. What should India prefer to maintain foreign relation – Participation in international groups like BASIC, BRICS, raising economic ties or any other.
  2. Where technology can be most beneficial – medication, education, business
  3. How can Indian armed forces be improved? Using theater commands, inducting foreign arms, increasing indigenisation.
  4. #Me too campaign
  5. Impact of technology on jobs.
  6. Impact of COVID19 on global economy.
  7. Print Media vs Digital Media.
  8. Union Budget 2020-21.
  9. How prepared is India to tackle COVID 19 outbreak.
  10. Can India become a $5 trillion economy by 2024.
  11. RBI’s surplus transfer to the Goverment.
  12. Coastal Security of India.
  13. How India can become a superpower?
  14. Should Cricket be the National game of India?
  15. Does “NOTA” option in elections really make sense?
  16. Major challenges for the Modi Goverment 2.0.
  17. Defense Budget 2019-20.
  18. Blood is thicker than water.
  19. Facebook vs LinkedIn
  20. Fit India Movement

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