1. Happiness/ Liveliness/ cheerfulness

  2. Honesty/ Open book/ Surrender

  3. Follow – Deserve than Desire

  4. Confidence – Apply your mind

  5. Appear in the test and forget

  6. No Cribbing

  7. No fear of rejection

  • Be conscious of success – You will be success

  • Be conscious of failure – You will be failure


  1. Use English or Hindi but you have to speak complete answer systematic and logical.

  2. Knoding – Shows – Arrogance

  3. Confidence vs over confidence / Arrogance, rigidity, Bullying forces your way through

  4. Strange look, what have you asked?

  5. Read the body language, if doubtful say sir I know this much

  6. I beg your pardon Sir, Could you please repeat or may I request you to repeat the question.

  7. Entry – Confidence

  8. Don’t ask questions from previous candidates – but also prepare some viral questions.

  9. Don’t give unnecessary info, but don’t use short cut also to shorten the answer.

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